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Case Studies


This leading jewelry manufacturer needed a new design for their vendor website that would be easy to navigate without sacrificing the style and glamour required for their brand image.

Entry Page Design
Product Categories Display
Sub-Categories Display
Dynamic Menu Design
Flash Product Display

Technologies Used: Flash, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

Offer Grapevine

This social buying network site needed to be created from the ground up including their logo, site design, flash video introduction and all site programming & functionality for their members and advertisers.

Database Application for Ad Display & Tracking Member login, database and awards calculation programming & tracking. Needs:
Entry Page Design
Inner Categories Display
Flash Greeting Introduction

Technologies Used: Flash, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Ajax.


"So far I've gotten 32 leads; in the first 24 hours I [had 3 sales] The ones who bought were easy sales, didn't even use the script! Then last night I had [another sale & 2 more orders scheduled] So that's how it is going. Seems like once people get on the phone they buy! Have a great weekend!" - SO
"... we are getting amazing results! ... my leads have generated: 1 30 day retail - hands off - that means they went to my website and purchased - and requested rushed delivery too! We have also sold two more retail (30 day) and 1 (30 day) wholesale over the phone. That is just in less than 48 hours off of 12 leads. This is incredible - Don't miss this opportunity!" S.
"Thanks so much for the lead program, I received a retail order from my website, hands off, that means they went in and ordered before I could call them. The people are very receptive and friendly unlike the generic leads that I have purchased in the past." - SW
"I am so excited ... This has been what my team has been waiting for. We have had associates from our team that have had no prior success, get retail sales before they even spoke to the person. This is the duplication system of our dreams and the best source of leads I personally have ever found!" - KK
"My first month using the Hot Prospect Generator was a success indeed! I got 6 new referrals without doing a thing...except counting the money they generated. Total strangers just show up as referrals out of the! Thanks!" CH