Group & Team Advertising Solutions

ITM Cooperative Marketing Suite
Have a large network of distributors or agents? Need to provide a unified lead generation and marketing solution to your group?

Then our Coop Marketing Suite is just what the doctor ordered.

The Suite includes:
  Custom branded LeadStormer lead generation campaigns
  Custom branded lead generation capture pages
  Custom created rich-media presentations
  Custom branded lead management systems with auto-responder follow-up modules

Items in the suite are available individually or in packages built to suit the needs of your group.

For more information on the Suite and having it developed for your organization click here or contact us.

InTouch Marketing has developed a total turnkey solution for rapid growth by any group of distributors or agents.

Cooperative purchasing by a large group of buyers has been a successful strategy for decades in order to reduce costs. When you couple this factor with a standardized and time tested marketing system you have a recipe for tremendous success. This is exactly what InTouch Marketing has assembled in its LeadStormer hot prospect generation system.

The LeadStormer Suite component provides four key elements of any successful internet marketing campaign:

  Web site traffic
  Lead capture page
  Lead capture page
  Internet based training.

Web site traffic is provided through Google pay per click and certain web site traffic exchanges.

In Touch builds and provides access to lead capture pages that truly convert web site traffic into hot prospect leads.

Finally, In Touch conducts free LIVE training on the subjects of sales and marketing delivered in our online conference room.

If you are involved in a home business or internet opportunity and have a large team, or if you manage a large group of agents, you need to learn more about LeadStormer. Rapid sales growth is right around the corner when you utilize our unique cooperative advertising system.

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ITM Rich Media


A high quality rich media presentation can present and sell your product like nothing else.

Our Rich Media services for cooperative marketing groups can create a standardized presentation that each member or agent can use to present your product to their prospects, ensuring your message and branding stays consistent.

Your presentation can be deployed via the internet on lead capture pages or placed on CD/DVD for agents to use as hand-outs to prospects.


Ensuring your message and branding stays consistent throughout your distributor network can be a challenge. The production of standardized web promotional materials can go a long way to keeping your company message and brand in-tact.

In Touch can create a wide array of rich media banners and advertisements for your network to use in promoting your product. We can even build a dynamic web interface where authorized members can log in and download the materials.

For samples of our web advertisement work have a look at our portfolio.